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MGB roadster for sale Sold


In red with black upholstery piped red.

A pretty, Tax Exempt, chrome bumper Roadster with wire wheels painted dark silver, overdrive on 2nd and 3rd gears, and a good history file including MOTs back to 1991. 

The MG has been in Kent for the last twenty years and has had much ongoing care with a recent engine, attention to the brakes and suspension, a new steering rack, tuning work and a new interior. It is an older restoration and is still in fine fettle.

It has a Motalita steering wheel, an electric engine fan, a period radio, a stainless steel exhaust and a fully carpeted boot.

The bodywork is excellent with good panel fit and very smart paintwork. The bumpers have been renewed and the rest of the chromework is very good as is the engine bay which is nicely detailed.

A really smart MGB roadster.