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MGC roadster for sale Sold


Red with a black interior.

A UK supplied C roadster with a manual gearbox with overdrive. It is in its original red with a new black interior piped red. The mohair hood is new and fits very well. The car runs on chrome wire wheels.

The C is very good structurally and appears to have received or needed little work over the years. The underside is clean and correct including the castle sections and sills. The bodywork has very good panel fit and is clean and straight. 

A customer of ours has owned the car since 2006. It spent some time in Belgium with a colleague who builds the engines for his motorcycle racing team, and the engine was rebuilt and uprated by him including the fitting of an sportier camshaft. It pulls very well and is noticeably quicker than a standard MGC.

A stainless steel, twin pipe, exhaust is fitted as is an alloy radiator with an electric cooling fan, Gaz shock absorbers to the rear and electronic ignition. 

A very attractive C Roadster.