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Austin Healey Sprite Mk IV For Sale Sold


We sold his lovely Austin Healey Sprite some years ago to long term customer of Percival Motor Company (we acquired a low mileage Stag from Christopher eighteen years ago) and have just negotiated its return.

In orangey red with black upholstery.

This immaculate Sprite was restored some years ago but has only covered a 1,000 miles since. The bodywork was restored and repainted to a high standard, the brakes were rebuilt, the suspension was overhauled including Spax shock absobers to the rear, an uprated anti-roll bar and it was lowered slightly. The interior only required new carpets, the dashboard refurbishing and a C.D. player was fitted. It has a very nice mohair hood and halogen headlights.

The seats have recently been rebuilt and trimmed in black leather piped red.

The rebuilt 1275cc engine features new Stage 2 cylinder head from Minisport, twin carburettors, a full Maniflow exhaust and electronic and it runs beautifully.

Orchard Restorations, Austin Healey Specialists, have maintained the car recently with their excellent attention to detail.

The Sprite is good fun and looks great on its refurbished steel wheels painted grey.