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Reliant Scimitar SE4 Coupe For Sale Sold


In Down White with black upholstery.

The original sales invoice for this Scimitar SE4 shows that on 19th July 1966 Mr. H.M. Hodgkinson purchased the car from J. Dixon & Son of Hampton on Thames with the option of an overdrive gearbox. He registered it HMH 1 and kept it until it was transferred to his wife's name, we guess when he passed away, who eventually sold it in May 2010. It has had two owners since one of whom comprehensively restored the car to the original specification over a three year period.

MOTs in the file show a recorded mileage of 25,538 in 1972 going up to 46,095 in 1978. It is believed that the Scimitar was then laid up until 2005 when it was re-commissioned, there is a note in the file from Mr. Hodgkinson, and eventually MOT'd in 2007 at 47,506 miles. Today the mileage recorded is just over 49,000 miles which would appear to be its total since new.

Being an SE4 Coupe, the engine is the Ford 2.6 litre, straight unit used in Zephyrs and Zodiacs mated to a four speed gearbox with overdrive.

The Scimitar has been beautifully restored throughout with great attention to detail, backed up by countless invoices in the file. The engine has received a cylinder head rebuild and conversion for unleaded petrol, a full carburettor rebuild and engine bay detail, and sounds superb through the stainless exhausts. The gearbox is sweet and the overdrive has been rebuilt.                       The attention to detail is fantastic with everything restored or renewed including re-chroming of components, overhauling of instruments, brackets, engine ancillaries and the wire wheels and a full respray to a very high standard. You won't see many glassfibre cars with this standard of finish.

In October 2015 the car received a comprehensive suspension rebuild from a specialist workshop including, bushes, refurbished wishbones, new shock absorbers, and new front hubs. Including some paintwork detailing and Waxoyling, the invoice came to nearly £4,000.00.

The interior is virtually as new. The dashboard is unmarked, the instruments appear new and the seats, headlining and door cards are in superb damage free condition. New carpets have been fitted throughout. 

This must be one of the very best SE4 Scimitars remaining with its condition, low mileage and low ownership.