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1965 MGB roadster Mk1 For Sale Sold

THIS CAR IS NOW SOLD. We have a 1964 Roadster in Dark Red due in shortly

Iris blue with black leather seats piped light blue

1.8 litre, four cylinder engine with four speed gearbox with overdrive.

We have had this fine early MGB before and it is one of the nicest driving examples that we've come across. Twice sold to very good customers of ours it's only back at Pye Corner because of the lure of a 1600E which the last owner has been chasing for many years. It is fitted chrome wire wheels, original radio and steering wheel, tonneau, seatbelts, a battery cut off switch and a rebuilt gearbox. It was restored by Simon J. Robinson, MG specialists, in the early 2000s and remains in excellent condition throughout. It is Tax exempt and is MOTd until June 2015

Due in shortly