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MGA roadster Mk1 1600 For Sale Sold


In Chariot red with black leather seats piped red.

The Heritage Certificate in the file of this beautiful MGA confirms that it was built in November 1959 and that it is an original righthand drive, UK car. It was supplied in Chariot red with a black interior, the colours that it is in today. It carries its original registration number and was first registered in London.

A local customer acquired the A in 2011 in part restored condition. Having got it home, he was not keen on the panel gaps so removed the body and stripped the car back to a bare chassis which had already been restored. He then cleaned and painted the chassis and built it up with new components throughout. The bodywork was refitted and hours and hours were spent getting the panels correctly aligned. 

The car received new paintwork and it was then fitted with new chromework, an all new interior including seatbelts, and new wire wheels and tyres.

The engine was rebuilt to unleaded specification and all the components in the engine bay were renewed or refurbished. It is presented in immaculate order.

The restoration was completed in 2014 and about 500 miles have been covered since.

Every part of the MG is renewed, rebuilt and refinished. There is a large history file containing photographs and countless invoices. Everything is documented.

A beautiful MGA roadster