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MG TD for sale £16,495

In white with a red interior.

A letter from the MG Car Club confirms that this TD, chassis number 12724, was manufactured on 4th January 1952. We believe that it went to the US and it received a full, photographic, restoration in France in 2010 on behalf of a British owner who had a house there. It is left hand drive.

The mechanical work and final fit up was entrusted to Pheonix Classic Cars in Poole, Dorset and C.R.S. who operated nearby, fitted a Ford Type 9 five speed gearbox and an unleaded cylinder head. This work is fully invoiced.

The MG returned to France for the  owner's wife but, we are told, she was not keen and the car was sold to an enthusiast in Kent in 2013.

As well as the gearbox and cylinder head upgrades, the TD has chrome wire wheels, a chrome radiator cowling, the interior is in red leather and the hood and sidescreens are tan fabric.

With the five speed and smooth engine, this MG is a delight to drive. Little mileage has been covered since its rebuild and the car remains in very smart condition.


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