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Riley RMA For Sale Sold


In black and cream with a dark red leather interior.

The RMA is the early incarnationof the RM series and has running boards and open rear wheel arches rather than spats to distinguish it from the later RME. It has a 1.5 litre, four cylinder petrol engine with a four speed manual gearbox and a luxurious interior.

This fine example received a chassis up restoration in the early 2000s which is fully documented with numerous invoices and a full photographic record. The chassis was stripped bare and the car carefully reconstructed with new ash. The photos show the build right through to the completed car. The interior had new door trims, carpets, headlining and leather and the woodwork has been finished beautifully. The engine was fully rebuilt in 2004 and has covered sixteen thousand miles since.

The chromework was refurbished and is still excellent and the panel fit, paintwork finish and interior are still superb.

Recent works include new tyres and a full brake rebuild, all invoiced.  

A lovely period piece.